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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christm@s with Ah9pek & Ah9Soh

Ah9Soh seeing hubby Ah9Pek returning home from Christmas shopping in town on a bicycle which he never had before.......

Ah9Soh: Waaa! Lou-koong (hubby), where did you get this nice bicycle from?

Ah9Pek: I was walking home when a lenglui(pretty chick) came in this bicycle and asked me, “Ah pek, Wanna take a ride or not?"

Ah9Soh: Then?

Ah9Pek: I hopped onto it lor.....and niamah-kerlo! Instead of listening to my direction, she took me to the woods! Once there hor, she got down and like 'siao'(crazy) like that..took off all her clothes and said to me,“Ah Pek, take anything!”

Ah9Soh: Aiya! Like dat also can! Then what did you do, lou-koong?

Ah9Pek: You think I stupid one meh ? I took this bicycle la, of course! So nice!

Ah9Soh: Lou koong, you so velly cleber! You wouldn’t have fit into her clothes anyway also!

Ah9Pek: Ah Bo then? You think your lou-koong stoopid one meh? By the way, where is Ah Ger? I haven’t seen her since she went for that weight loss consultation a month ago!

Ah9Soh: That weight Loss consultant told her to run 10km a day for 30 days ma…so can loose 2 kg in time for the Christmas party.


Ah9Soh: Now already 30 days ma…she’s now 300km away from home lor! Aiyoh! like dat also dunno how to count, you silly old man!

Ah9Pek: Lou-phor, can you leave the sugar jar on the table for me?

Ah9Soh: Why? You want to make kopi to drink ar?

Ah9Pek: no la…you forget meh? The doctor said to control my diabetes, I have to check the sugar level regularly ma.

Ah9Soh: That handsome doctor said that ar?

Ah9Pek: Yes…and you know what I heard at the village kopitiam about this doctor? It seems he had slept with every lady in our street… except only one!

Ah9Soh: hmmm.. let me guess, I bet that ‘only one must be that lanxi (snobbish) lady staying at no.15 down the street…right?

Ah9Pek faints!


FireWire said...

lol, i hope that wont happened to any happily married couples.

9PEK9BO said...

Happily married couples? Most couples I know are 'busily' married couples..too engrossed calculating how much & far the other half is giving... forgetting to keep count of their happiness!